Tuition for Juniors was founded by Kenny, out of sheer genuine passion to support self-study and parents. In 2006, she sought quality tuition for her son. The service had to have a particular unique feature – keeping the parent in the ‘know’ as regards to ‘content’. She was unsuccessful. Since then, she has provided relevant, quality, valuable, support for both pupils and parents in Thurrock. TFJ classes are relevant, valuable, rich and resourceful. The face to face classes are mainly held on Saturdays and Sundays across two Centres. These classes are usually geared towards 11 + Exams. Subjects include: Maths, English and Reasoning. The classes held at the centres, have burgeoned singularly by word of mouth’ – a testament to the unique service TFJ offers.’

Kenny holds a Certificate in Education, a Bachelors Degree and a PGCE.

‘I am very passionate about imparting knowledge to children. I am very thorough and strategic. Plus this, I am a stern believer that self-study is of the essence! As such, I facilitate independent study for my pupils, by including a relevant study guide along with quality resources (for a personal study hour). I am a UK qualified teacher I have close to 30 years teaching experience and I have built a wealth of experience. Besides this, I am an avid reader; I’m determined, hardworking and very dedicated to my craft. Interestingly, life experiences shaped me for this singular purpose. In 2002, I was widowed and I knew that to survive the intense pain that comes along with it , I had to embrace my life’s purpose. (God has a purpose for each of our lives).’