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  • Èdèssential – Yoruba language classes


Are you consistently seeking to ensure your son/daughter has a well-rounded, well informed childhood? Èdèssential is yet another rewarding class provided by TFJ.

Course details:

  • Description – Learning the Yoruba Language
  • Class Size: 1-2
  • Requirements -Internet connection, WhatsApp or email address, laptop or smartphone, notebook and a cup of water (Headphones are optional).
  • Time slots – Negotiable

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Why Èdèssential ?

Firstly, The Yoruba diaspora in the United Kingdom is very broad,and that diaspora demonstrates the huge advantage and significance of the learning of the Yoruba Language. According to the Higher Education Statistics Agency Students of Nigerian origin are the third largest country of origin group behind China and India.?

As such,TFJ provides that unique and affordable opportunity for paying students to not only learn to communicate in the Yoruba language, but also, imbibe the culture, be more perceptive to the heritage and understand Nigeria as a whole. TFJ enables students to receive structured and progressive 20-30minute Yoruba Language lessons weekly (or bi-weekly)(from native speakers).
Secondly,The Yoruba Course is a unique and great fit for students pursuing the Duke Of Edinburgh’s Award (The Skills – Language section). (TFJ is licensed and a full approved skills provider for the Duke of Edinburgh Award). It demonstrates that as a student you are up for a challenge, it’s proof of having a global/ broadened mindset and the willingness to ‘break down walls’.

Thirdly, Language is a useful skill to develop . For instance, there’s a wide range of entrepreneurial opprtunities to tap into in Lagos (the hub of the Yoruba Language)(one of Africa’s richest cities). A high percentage of the young generation are involved in entrepreneurship (sometimes as additional employment )(oftentimes online – social media).It been proven that Cultural differences has a formidable impact on entrepreneurship. Hence the importance of learning of the Yoruba Language and culture.


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