Ability, talent, skill, passion, enthusiasm, interest, tenacity, eagerness, what you have done, what you can do, what you’re good at, what you enjoy, what the world needs, purpose, practice, potential etc. These are relevant terms in the labour market today. Employers are looking for employees whom are interested, willing, hardworking dedicated and trainable.

It is Tuition for Junior’s mission to support Undergraduates. The Home service is a pathway for Undergraduates to, use, develop and maintain the very essential personable and communication skills they have. The Home Service connects Undergraduates (Home Tutors) to Junior students for Tuition. ‘Home Tutors’ employ their skills while studying. Undergraduates are provided with adequate support, sufficient resources and training. Undergraduates will develop time, personable, motivational, conversational and mentorship skills. Undergraduates are accepted based on a Successful application DBS Check, interview, training and references.

Work while you wait

TFJ equally offers part time hours for Graduates that have recently completed their Degree.